Health Risk Assessment

Health care is like a river.  Some people are on the banks of the river.  Others are ankle deep, knee deep or even neck deep.  Then there are those who are going over the falls.

People who are on the banks of the river are those who do not have any health risks and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Those who are ankle deep are starting to have minor health problems and occasional doctor’s visits.  The deeper in the river one goes the more health risks, the higher the medical expenses, and a greater likelihood of chronic health problems.

Those who are going over the falls, represent major health problems and medical claims.  The damage has been done and it has become very costly.

Where are you in the health care river?  Are you on the banks, knee deep, neck deep, going over the falls?  How did you get there?

There are many paths to the river.  High blood pressure, stress, lifestyle and exercise habits, nutrition are just a few.


Our proprietary “Health Risk Assessment” is designed to identify if people are in the river, how deep are they in the river, and what path they took to the river.  Once completed individuals will receive a personal report that identifies their health risk levels of low medium or high and gives recommendations on how to make improvements, lower risks and avoid the river or get out of it.