Company Vital Signs Executive Summary

Once all tesing is completed, the company receives an aggregate executive summary or “Company Vital Signs”report. This in-depth report includes:

  • A breakdown of the data gathered in the testing as it affects the company

  • General demographics and primary health findings

  • An explanation of the group’s current status on all blood work completed

  • A report of perceived health in comparison to actual health

  • Company overall risk levels are explained for Coronary, Cardio Vascular and Stroke, Diabetes,Cancer, and Disease and Medical Condition status

  • Explanation of group’s Eating and Physical Activity Habits

  • Explanation of group’s Substance Use, Safety Practices, and Stress Management Coping Skills

  • Economic and Productivity/Performance Impact Report for Absenteeism Costs

  • Productivity and Performance Costs Report basedon conditions present

  • Productivity and Performance Cost Report based on risk factors present

  • Cost Per Conditions Most Prevalent in The GroupReport

  • A report of group’s “Willingness to Change” and “Willingness to Be Held Accountable” in the form of premium