Our Wellness Activity Tracker


There are three essential life areas that be must addressed in order to achieve and maintain great health.

  1. Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Stress Management

Our choices in each of these areas can either reduce or increase our risk for chronic disease and poor health.

Our Wellness Activity Tracker:

  • Encourages healthy lifestyles and behaviors by tracking an individual’s eating habits, physical activity and stress management activities
  • Empowers individuals by providing them easy to understand and practical information they can use to improve their health
  • Awards “Wellness Points” for each healthy activity an individual completes or participates in
  • Gives instant feedback to users of how many “Wellness Points” they have earned for the week and for the month.
  • Provides participation and performance reports to the sponsoring employer.
  • Facilitates group healthy lifestyle competitions
  • Can be used to measure performance and compliance to company “Wellness Requirements”
  • Can be used to track individual qualification for incentives and rewards


It is a proven fact that whenever performance is measured performance improves.  Additionally, when performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.