Glycemic Index

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The Glycemic Index is a scale which helps to rank carbohydrate- rich foods, depending on how they affect blood glucose levels.  Glycemic Index uses a scale of 0 to 100, with higher values given to foods that cause the most rapid rise in blood sugar.  Pure glucose serves as a reference point, and is given a Glycemic Index (GI) of 100.

In simple terms, GI measures how much your blood sugar level increases in a span of 2 - 3 hours after having food.  The lower a food's glycemic index or glycemic load, the less it affects blood sugar and insulin levels.

Glycemic Index Rating

Low Glycemic Index
55 or Less

Medium Glycemic Index
56 - 69

High Glycemic Index
70 and above



Glycemic Load Rating

Low Glycemic Load
Less than 80 points per day

Medium Glycemic
Load 80 - 120 points per day

High Glycemic Load
Over 120 points per day


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