LIV International Nutritional Products

S.O.A.R. Wellness has teamed up with LIV International to provide you access to incredible nutritional products at 20% off of retail price. These products support good health and have a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications.

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GO NitriMax

GO NitriMax is a proprietary blend of the amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline malate, as well as branched chain amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients form a turbo-charged energy cycle which aids in the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide assists the body in supporting powerful sexual function, cardiovascular health and building lean muscle mass.

GoNitrimax ingredients have been shown to increase energy production and decrease recovery time after physical exertion. Go Nitrimax is the perfect choice for everyone that wants to perform at optimum levels.

Supports Healthy:
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Heart Health


WinkZing contains ingredients that support alertness and mental function. WinkZing is a pinch of powder that provides complete control over your alertness. The key ingredients in Zing helps you focus and have the energy to get the job done.

Finish a meeting; drive home safely; study another half hour; finish a movie before bed.... and then sleep soundly! No negative side effects like other caffeineted products. No “Buzz”. No Crash. No Jitters. Just bright alert focus. Zing is convenient; keep one in your pocket, purse, or car without worring about spills or refrigeration.

Supports Healthy:
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Health, Energy Levels Memory and Brain Function


Green2o is the perfect refreshing beverage for the entire family. Rich in antioxidants, chlorophyllins, and healthy trace minerals, Green2o's alkaline pH balance replaces sports and energy drinks that contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and unhealthy ingredients.

It is nature's perfect balance to keep your body alkaline balanced and hydrated. If you are like many people who don't drink the 2 liters of water per day as recommended by health professionals, Green2O can be your answer. Carry it with you when you travel. It is convenient and brings you the goodness of nature.

Supports Healthy:
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Heart Health, Cholesterol Management, Energy Levels Digestive Function and helps with Arthritis and Inflamation


In the battle against your cravings, we have a secret weapon: Crave. Crave tastes like citrus candy. Crave is full of the important fiber and prebiotics that you need every day to stay healthy. It can also help you feel full and stave off your desire for sweets and fatty foods. With more fiber and less fructose than an apple, Crave is amazing!

Supports Healthy:
Digestive Funtion, Weight Management, and Cholesterol Management

Liv SXinney

If you wish to reach your ideal weight, Liv SXinney is the answer. It contains powerful clinically tested weight control ingredients that help decrease appetite, increase energy and reduce body fat. Liv SXinney Max is the perfect choice for your busy lifestyle. You can take it with you and drink it throughout the day.

In addition to powerful herbal concentrates, Liv SXinney contains vitamin B complex which is important in the body’s production of energy, natural caffeine which can also boost energy, and chromium to help balance blood sugar levels. (Also available in caffeine free--Liv SXinney)

Supports Healthy:
Digestive Funtion, Weight Management, Energy Levels

SXinney Mist

SXinney Mist is the latest revolution in weight management. SXinney Mist blocks the taste of sugar from food, thus helping you reduce your desire to eat sweets. Just 3 squirts of SXinney Mist is all it takes.

When you have a desire to eat or drink something sweet, just use SXinney Mist. It’s proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs can help you manage stress, and ease you through the weight loss experience. It’s like getting a peppermint breath spray and “willpower in a bottle” all in one product.

Supports Healthy:
Blood Sugar and Weight Management 


BLoX strengthens and supports your body’s natural defense systems. The 8 powerful ingredients have been hand selected from the 4 corners of the earth. One of the key ingredients in BLOX is called Tiaga. It is a mushroom that was used by the Nez Perce Indians in their sacred medicines.

In fact, Tiaga means “gives life”. Modern science has confirmed the nutritional value of Tiaga, and its ability to fortify and protect the body. Each capsule of Blox is full of concentrated raw herbs to maximize their benefits.

Supports Healthy Immune System



SereZen contains natural ingredients that have been shown to help the body adapt to stress and elevate mood. One of the key ingredients, 5-HTP, is an amino acid produced naturally by your body that helps balance serotonin levels.

This unique product contains theanine which is naturally found in green tea and bacopa extract know for its positive effects on mood. SereZen also includes adaptogenic herbs; herbs that increase the body’s ability to adapt to environmental and internal stress. SereZen promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

Supports Healthy:
Immune System, Stress Management, Digestive Function, Memory and Brain Function 



ClenzT supports healthy, regular elimination of waste from the colon. It promotes regularity and supports normal bowel function as well as supporting the bowel’s natural detoxification process.

ClenzT can be swallowed in capsule form, or the capsule can be opened and contents mixed in hot water for a refreshing lemon tea.

Supports Healthy Digestive Function


LIV smart

It’s time to invest in your brain and LIV smart. LIV Smart contains Nootropics which are nutrients that feed the brain, help with memory, mental acuity and learning skills.

The ingredients in LIV Smart are scientifically shown to help support and nourish healthy brain functions. LIV Smart provides 100% of the daily requirements for vitamins with increased levels of key vitamins such as vitamin D and B complex.

Supports Healthy:
Stress Management,  Memory and Brain Function



LIVPro15 is the most advanced, best tasting protein available. It is sweetened and flavored with natural ingredients, and is fortified with vitamins and coconut water. It has been designed for maximum absorption by using a cold, cross-flow microfiltration process. LIVPro15  is rich in amino acids, including key muscle building Branched Chain Amino Acids.

  • Satisfy your hunger
  • Supports lean muscle and strength for a healthy body
  • Easy to mix
  • Made with dehydrated coconut water
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Delicious nutrition for the whole family



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